Women in renewable energy: a conversation with Deana Strunk

In honor of Women’s History Month 2023, we had the pleasure of speaking with Deana Strunk, the Owner of Amshore Renewable Energy, a 100% woman-owned renewable energy development company. With over 40 years of experience in the energy industry, Deana and her late husband established Amshore 21 years ago with a vision to make a positive impact on the world through renewable energy. In this Q&A interview, Deana discusses the work of Amshore Renewable Energy, the challenges of navigating the regulatory environment, the company’s focus on building long-term relationships, and her optimistic outlook on the future of renewable energy.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Amshore Renewable Energy and the work the company does?

A: Amshore Renewable Energy is a renewable energy development company that specializes in the development of utility-scale wind and solar energy projects. We work with landowners, utilities, and other stakeholders to develop projects that generate clean energy and create economic opportunities for communities.

Q: What inspired you to start Amshore Renewable Energy?

A: My late husband and I have always been passionate about the energy business and saw the impact renewable energy could have on our world. When we saw the opportunity to start our own renewable energy development company and make a difference in the industry, we knew we had to take it. Our many years of experience in oil and gas transferred to our new projects, but as pioneers in the industry we certainly had to learn new methods and tactics as well.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the renewable energy industry?

A: There are always challenges in any industry, but in the renewable energy industry, one of the biggest challenges is navigating the complex regulatory environment. We work closely with state and local governments to ensure that our projects meet all necessary requirements and receive the approvals needed to move forward.

Q: What sets Amshore Renewable Energy apart from other renewable energy companies?

A: One of the things that sets us apart is our focus on building long-term relationships with our stakeholders. We believe that the key to a successful project is collaboration and open communication, and we work hard to build trust and transparency with everyone we work with.

Q: What do you see as the future of renewable energy?

A: The future of renewable energy is bright. As the cost of renewable energy continues to come down, we are seeing more and more interest in renewable energy from utilities, corporations, and communities. I believe that renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in our energy mix, and that we will continue to see significant growth in the industry in the years to come.

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in renewable energy?

A: My advice would be to pursue your passion and be willing to learn. Renewable energy is a rapidly evolving industry, and there are always new technologies and approaches to explore. It’s important to be open to new ideas and to be willing to take on challenges and learn from them.

Cas Purdy

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Amshore develops sustainable energy solutions for utility companies and independent power producers looking to expand their renewable energy projects throughout North America. Our experienced team of developers help clients find, evaluate and create projects that reduce climate change risk, increase energy independence, and provide cleaner air for future generations.

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