How We Work

It all starts with relationships

For 20 years, Amshore has built a successful track record of developing renewable energy projects.  As one of the first wind developers in Texas, Amshore continues its legacy as a company that embraces innovation to bring its customers great renewable energy projects.  

The company has a seasoned staff that fully understands customer needs. Amshore is not only experienced in project development but also in the construction and operation of renewable energy projects. Using our diverse experience, we guide and advise our clients during the most critical aspects of development to help mitigate risks during construction and operations. 

Amshore has built relationships with companies that offer innovative technologies. Whether it is the integration of renewables with a storage technology or an artificial intelligence energy management system to maximize project performance, Amshore constantly seeks value add options to benefit its customers.

Our work originating and developing sustainable energy projects has generated more than 2.9 gigawatts of sustainable power covering more than 500,000 acres. See our project portfolio or learn about the team behind our innovative approach.

Are You A Utility Company, Independent Power Producer or Landowner?

As a host for wind, solar and other emerging projects, you can provide clean and renewable energy to your community.