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In 2021, private investment in renewable energy reached the highest levels since the Great Recession in 2008, according to data from Mercom, and public investors now have multiple options in renewable energy on the stock market. And, the passing of the clean energy provisions in the now-law Inflation Reduction Act marks the largest climate and clean energy investment in history. In a nutshell, renewable energy is fire hot, as is the battle for its talent.

In an annual report on clean energy employment, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) said there were 12 million jobs in renewable energy and its supply chains in 2020, rising from 11.5 million jobs in 2019.

At Amshore Renewable Energy, our talent and experienced team drive the positive outcomes we’ve been known to deliver for clients over the last 20 years. We wanted to explore the renewable energy talent boom topic with someone who is in the trenches, so we spoke to John Tharp, Client Manager and Recruiter for Renewable Energy, Power & Infrastructure, at the Bradsby Group.

Q:           John, what’s going on in the renewable energy talent market?

A:           I must say clean energy giants are finding a shortage of workers with the skills needed to support their ambitious renewable energy growth plans. The renewable job market has been heating up and the right candidates with the right abilities are becoming harder to find. Overall it is and has been a very hot candidate job market, and I expect even more heat with the passage of the clean energy provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Q:           What are the most in-demand skills in renewable energy?

A:           Origination/Power Marketing, Project Development, Engineering, EPC, Project and Construction Management and Asset Management, as well as EV Charging and Energy/Battery Storage, are some of the most in-need skills in the clean power movement.

Q:           Why is finding talent in renewable energy so demanding?

A:           Everyone has intense growth plans in the renewable energy industry, and solving the ultimate battle of climate change is part of a nation-wide and global effort. Also, many other companies from other industries are trying to get into the renewable industry and realize that it is not an easy task without the right talent.

Q:           How do energy companies decide whether to hire internally or to outsource their renewable energy to specialists?

A:           Some energy companies need to beef up internal teams or may choose to augment or completely outsource to specialized companies like Amshore Renewable Energy in project development.  Whether it’s with large energy companies or consulting firms, my success has come with their having trouble finding talent for urgent hiring needs. They come to me and my talent pool for assistance.

John Tharp is Client Manager and Recruiter for Renewable Energy, Power & Infrastructure at the Bradsby Group. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

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