Compute North breaks down the Executive Order to lower energy consumption and emissions from bitcoin mining

The Biden administration is reportedly crafting policies intended to lower energy consumption and emissions from bitcoin mining. According to the White House, if cryptocurrency is going to be part of our financial system in any meaningful way, it must be developed responsibly and must minimize total emissions.

To that end, the White House tasked its Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to put together a report – expected to be released in August – detailing the climate impact and other governing concerns of crypto mining. As the OSTP conducts this examination, it has invited comments from interested stakeholders, including the public.

Compute North provides a breakdown of the information requested to help inform the report, along with some insight into what each topic area entails. Any resulting policies would likely follow the format and structure of the key topics included in the request and laid out on their blog – so take a look here.

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