Amshore Celebrates 20 Years of Renewable Energy Development

Amshore® develops sustainable energy solutions for utility companies and independent power producers looking to expand their renewable energy projects throughout North America. Amshore has originated and developed solar and wind energy facilities generating 2.9 gigawatts of power covering over a half a million acres. More than $4 billion have been invested in Amshore-originated projects. 2022 marks the 20th year Amshore has offered renewable energy development services. Below is our story.

A Tenured History in Energy

In 2002, Amshore was established as a new renewable energy development business arm of American Shoreline, Inc., a successful oil and gas exploration company founded by Paul Strunk in 1979. American Shoreline was responsible for discovering numerous oil and gas fields and field extensions along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Realizing the potential for wind energy as its own business, Paul and Deana Strunk formed Amshore US Wind, L.L.C. as a Texas limited liability company, in 2013. After his passing in 2018, his wife Deana, divested her interest in the oil and gas business and acquired 100% ownership in Amshore. She has more than 40 years in the energy business. Before helping establish and owning Amshore, she was Vice President and Director at American Shoreline, Inc. 

Amshore continues the three-decade legacy of former parent company by originating new sources of North American energy as one of the pioneering independent Texas wind energy development firms. In 2020, Amshore US Wind, L.L.C. rebranded and now operates under as Amshore Renewable Energy. The new name better reflects the company’s vision to offer additional renewable energy development services around wind, as well as solar and novel forms of renewables.

Amshore is, at its core, a developer. Its team bridges the gap between land and electric load. Amshore developers, who have more than 100 years of combined experience in renewable energy, work with landowners, energy companies, communities and others to turn new renewable project ideas into revenue-generating sites that produce the form of energy that companies are now financially and politically incentivized to build. Amshore services include project evaluation, land, external affairs, owner’s representative, regulatory, and value-added technologies.

Since entering the renewable energy industry in 2002, Amshore has been responsible for the successful development and operations of over 2.9 gigawatts of renewable energy in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico—that includes the largest coastal wind farm in the United States and the largest single-owner wind farm in the state of Texas. 

Building upon this proven track record, the Amshore team continues to originate and develop an existing portfolio of projects representing additional potential generating capacity in Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa, while seeking to expand development operations across other regions of the United States.

The company’s strategy is focused on expanding its traditional business with its existing and new customers and continuing to explore new ventures through its affiliate company Amshore Ventures LLC. The company believes growth in both areas put Amshore in an enviable position in the renewable energy development space.

As Amshore celebrates its 20 years in business, its focus is on accelerating growth with existing customers, scaling operations and building new business opportunities.

Cas Purdy

About Amshore

Amshore develops sustainable energy solutions for utility companies and independent power producers looking to expand their renewable energy projects throughout North America. Our experienced team of developers help clients find, evaluate and create projects that reduce climate change risk, increase energy independence, and provide cleaner air for future generations.

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